SVN Development and DiffMerge using RapidSVN

Hi. After moving back to a mac for working I had to install some development tools. I need a programmers editor, a svn client and a diff and merge tool. I decided to go with Smultron, RapidSVN and DiffMerge. All the apps work fine the only problem I had was to get DiffMerge working when calling a diff or merge from within RapidSVN. See this link for the right configuration and it works fine.



Eingabequellenanzeige in OSX Menüleiste

Hi, eventuell ist dem einen oder anderen bereits aufgefallen, dass da so ein komisches Icon in der Menuleiste, gleich links vom Benutzernamen, angezeigt wird. Es hat entweder das Icon einer kl. Tastatur oder eine Landesflagge. Wenn man wie ich das Icon nicht mehr sehen will, weil man weiss, dass man aus Österreich ist, kann man das unter Systemeinstellungen –> Sprache & Text –> Sektion „Eingabequellen“ –> Eingabequellen in der Menuleiste anzeigen deaktivieren. Und weg ist es.

Update to OSX 10.6 – Snow Leopard

Hi there 2 days ago I got my Snow Leopard DVD – yeah. After making a full backup (time machine) of my system I started the simple update process. I just deselected some unused languages and let the system do the rest. After 20-30 minutes the Installation was aborted by a failure which was not described in detail. Afterwards I checked the file system and found a not repairable filesystem error. I rebooted the system, made some filesystem checks using the harddrive utility program and after an additional attempt of updating I did it and everything was working fine. If anybody has accounted the same problem and knows details, please post a comment here.