iPhone battery empty very fast

Hi. Since a few days my iPhone tended to loose all the power within 12 hours after a fully reload and nearly no activity. For all of you who experience the same problem, don't send in you phone, this is mostly not a hardware problem. I was not able to look inside the os but … Continue reading iPhone battery empty very fast


Software review – Wiki in a jar

A nice tool for all who want to carry their knowledge around ist wiki in a jar. This little peace of software is quite amazing, it is a nearly fully blown wiki you can use to organize your thoughts immediately and keep it carrying around. The package you download is a zip file download here … Continue reading Software review – Wiki in a jar

Cheap/Free Software for the apple mac user

Cheap software for the mac user: See the list below of needfull things for the adult mac user. I will also provide a downloadable list including the homepage links for each tool, a little later. - Wondershare DVD to PSP Converter    works fine - VPNClient - Cisco new install, works fine - VLC - Video … Continue reading Cheap/Free Software for the apple mac user