Time Machine Backup Troubles after El Capitan Update

I recently updated to El Capitan 10.11.2 of OSX and within the same day after the OS tried to do a backup on my Time Capsule at home the backup does not work anymore. I have already posted the problem on apple support communities. Backups from other versions of OSX run perfectly correct against the... Weiterlesen →

Disable Time Machine Mobile Backups

If you are a OSX user with a notebook and you are using TimeMachine for backups OSX has per default the mobile backup option enabled and you cannot switch it off from within TimeMachine options. I would suggest Apple should include this checkbox so the user can decide if backups on the local disk should... Weiterlesen →

arRsync does not start syncing

Today I started right with a weird behaviour. I am using arRsync to sync my iPhoto Originals to my NAS box within my home network. I configured the sync and pressed the start button. arRsync told me "staring Sync...". Nothing suspicious here unless it did not start for about half an hour or more. I... Weiterlesen →

Samba Share am Desktop einblenden

Heute habe ich auf dem iBook meiner Tochter angefangen das Backup via TimeMachine auf einen Samba Share einzurichten - was das geht nicht, doch das geht schon - den gewünschten SMB Share verbinden über - Gehe zu - Server - Server auswählen - Share auswählen, fertig, dann einfach ein Terminal Fenster öffnen und folgendes eingeben:... Weiterlesen →

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