Cheap/Free Software for the apple mac user

Cheap software for the mac user:

See the list below of needfull things for the adult mac user. I will also provide a downloadable list including the homepage links for each tool, a little later.

– Wondershare DVD to PSP Converter    works fine
VPNClient – Cisco new install, works fine
VLC – Video Player
StuffIt Expander –  unzip of archives
Skype – you know that peace of cake
Route Tracer – visuall traceroute – microsoft remotedesktop for apple
Openoffice 3.0 – replacing neooffice at my machine, openoffice in mac look and feel
– – ssh connection manager
– JBidWatcher – ebay bidder
– JAP – Java Anonymous Proxy, anonymous surfing
– iToner – Ringtones for iPhone Transceiver, if you use a official jailbreaked, use garageband
iStumbler – WiFi Finder
– Google Earth – you know that too
– Fluid – run web applications in own window without browser
– – mac tuning (better for g4)
– Disk Inventory – visual disk inventory application
Cyberduck – ftp client
BitRocket – bittorrent client
Smultron – good editor
Skitch – simple imageediting
– macports – specialists only – port linux programs to mac
– porticus – like macports
– freemind – free mindmanager
– Vodafone Mobile Connect – software for vodafones umts card/modem
– Firefox 3.0 – new firefox instead of camino
– xrsync – folder sync tool, backup utility
– PodWorks – shows your songs on your ipod/iphone, you can also download them to disk
Burn – cool dvd/cd… burn utility, very simple
Audacity – audio file editor usefull for editing mp3 files or producing your own ringtones
7zx– pack or extract 7zip files
DiffMerge – diff tool for text files/documents
VirtualBox – Virtualization Software, run windows on a mac or a Linux

sshmenu Tool for the admin

Again a blog post maybe interesting for you out there. I have to do quite a bunch of server administration throughout the day and have to connect using ssh many times a day. What gnome lacks here for me is a nice tool where you can manage your connections. I found this tool for me, called sshmenu. Nice tool, you can configure your ssh connection setting also including different profiles gnome-terminal provides. Due to the fact that I was a developer (a developer will always stick to developing) I saw that I had a bunch of connection to configure there but I won’t do that by hand. So I have written a little shell script which reads the server, user and gnome-terminal profile name (you saved your customized profiles with) from a file and generates the .sshmenu config file which is located in your $HOME directory automatically from the list. Here you find the sshmenu generating shell script you have to rename from .sh.txt to .sh only (wordpress does not gulp .sh files) and an example connection list file to test the script with.

Tool of the month

This month’s „Tool of the month award“ on this blog goes to:


This is really breathtaking how easy and usable this virtualization software works and is available freely for private use for windows and linux.

Thanks to the VirtualBox developers team and company lead which have decided to make this extraordinary tool public under the GPL. This was the start ignition for porting my needed Windoofs into a VirtualBox window under Linux and remove the scrap from my harddisk.

Tool des Augenblicks


Eines meiner Lieblingstools unter linux (ist aber auch für windoof verfügbar) ist derzeit Tomboy. Es ist das optimale Tool um sich seine kleine ToDo Liste am Desktop zu verwalten und Notizen zu Aufgaben verlink abzulegen. Für die planenden Dinge des Lebens verwende ich gerne MindMaps und da JFreeMind (link folgt noch).

Fazit: Kann ich nur empfehlen ist bei mir täglich im Einsatz