Could not find an open hard disk with UUID + VirtualBox issue

After installing a new VM in VirtualBox Version 4.1.10 I got this error for the first time since working with VirtualBox. I did not do anything with snapshots or config file editing. I just stopped the new installed VM, closed VirtualBox and at the next startup I got this error regarding my only VM in... weiterlesen →


No USB Devices in VirtualBox and Gutsy 7.10

Hi out there I had a problem related to USB devices with the latest VirtualBox release and Ubuntu 7.10. I found this to fix the problem and it worked out fine. Thanks to Derek Buranen at for his hack.

Tool of the month

This month's "Tool of the month award" on this blog goes to: AND THE WINNER IS: VirtualBox This is really breathtaking how easy and usable this virtualization software works and is available freely for private use for windows and linux. Thanks to the VirtualBox developers team and company lead which have decided to make this... weiterlesen →

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