Time Machine Backup not accessible after Mac change

Hi, i recently purchased a new mac and therefore organised everything needed to go with migration assistant. I created a new admin account on the new machine. I migrated over my users, data and programs, i inherited the time machine backup as asked from TM, but still I have the problem that only my new recent backups are accessible, when I want to open the old ones, nothing works. I found out that with shift+command+c you can make all backups accessible for selection, but then I get a „insufficient privileges“ message, when I try to select a folder of the old backup.

Finally I found out what was the problem. When getting the new mac I created an admin account. Using this account I restored everything else using Migration Assistant. When creating the initial admin account the userid 501 was used, which was the user id of my prior user on my old machine, therefore the uid in the backup set old was 501 meanwhile the userid of my new main user on my new machine is 502. So when browsing the backup folders on my time capsule, I saw that all backups I could not access had the user id 501 which was no longer present on the new machine. After surfing the web a little bit I did not change the userid of my current productive account (I found nearly no entry who did that with success, what is understandable when you know about userid’s ;-)), I erased the time machine disk and will take a fresh start, too much trouble going down this road. If anybody had mentioned that before I could have taken care of the problem beforehand.

You can check your users id by executing the following command on your command line:

dscl . -read /Users/yourusername UniqueID

this will give you the userid. You can also see and change the user id in the user preference pane by ctrl clicking the user and goto advanced options.

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